(WTNH) — It has been an unusually wet July. Many businesses were counting on a good summer season to make up for lost time during the pandemic, but the weather has put a damper on those plans.

Quassy Amusement and Waterpark’s George Frantzis was hoping for a big summer — the demand is there, with so many people pent up after COVID and ready for fun, outdoor activities. 

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But the rub is that the rain just won’t go away.

“It [has] been a difficult July for sure,” said Frantzis. “We’ve only had four or five days without rain.”

Day camps and group bookings have had to adjust.

“With labor shortages, the bussing is difficult to get, on top of that we have the weather so we try to postpone what we can,” he said.

“This is ongoing. Mother Nature is not being kind this year,” said Jeremy Harraden of Farmington River Tubing.

They’ve had to turn would-be tubers away sometimes — all the rain means the water is just too high and flowing too fast.

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“This season, it seems to be every single weekend, both days, either rain or flood,” said Harraden.

For some, the rain is actually helping.

At Bishop Orchards in Guilford, the rain and humidity presents potential problems like disease and weeds — but so far, it has been beneficial for crops. 

“I’ve been pretty stunned that we really haven’t had more issues,” said farm manager Brad Isnard. “Water is a good thing. Not having enough last year, you really appreciate it this year.”

Meanwhile, summer is of course not over. 

Businesses like Quassy say they’re confident they’ll be able to make up in August what July may have washed away.

“With businesses like that, we only have a certain amount of time to make the grade and unfortunately we’re losing that, but we have August,” said Frantzis.

The park has September and October events already scheduled, too, including a brand new Halloween attraction for families.