Friday Marks 80 Years Since the Hurricane of 1938


Friday marks 80 years since a category three hurricane slammed New England. Connecticut was especially hit hard.

News 8 Photojournalist Tom Parent gives us a look back at that big storm from 1938.

“September 21, 1983 is the 45th anniversary of the 1938 New England hurricane even the day of the week is right it happened on a Wednesday it was the worst recorded storm in New England history they sometimes call it the wind that shook the world or is also referred to as the Long Island Expressway because it moved so quickly across the sound.”

“My name is Anna Milne and I am the Captain of the Volsunga Thimble Island cruise.
Looking back on it now, we can see the water was a weird color, the tides were different and the birds were doing something different.”

“Our floating dock for instance had a peculiar twisting motion as it rode the rough water. That worried my father even though we’re celebrating the 80th anniversary. It’s still pretty prevalent around here. Just walking out on the docks, you find people whose relatives are still alive. (You find) their family history as well as the communities’ history.”

“My great great grandparents and cousins of the same line, 3 of them, all died in the hurricane on Jepson Island. Every hurricane season there’s always talk of the 38 and is this going to be the year of the 38 hurricane.”

“The bodies of my mother and father were found eventually in the wreckage of the cottage where it was washed ashore. I mean I try not to take the weather for granted at all even on a day like today with just a little bit of wind.”

“Even on a regular storm or a Nor’easter, you just have to understand the power of the water. If it wants to move, it’s gonna move.”

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