NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Gas prices are skyrocketing across the nation, and Connecticut is seeing prices rise higher than before.

The average gas prices in New Haven have risen nearly 20 cents per gallon in the last week, and now average about $4.83 per day, according to GasBuddy. This is $1.77 per gallon more than a year ago.

Some of the cheapest recorded gas prices in New Haven were recorded by GasBuddy at $4.63 per gallon, while the most expensive was $5.15. In the state, some of the lowest-priced gas was recorded at nearly $4.49 per gallon, while the highest was $6.19. The average is $4.86, according to experts.

The national average for gas prices has risen to about $4.85 per gallon, GasBuddy said, which is about $1.81 more than a year ago.

Diesel prices now stand at $5.62 nationally, according to a survey conducted by GasBuddy.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal is calling on Congress to pass a big oil windfall profits tax. Fifty percent of windfall profits would go back to consumers in the format of a rebate check.

“Rebates would come this year in the hundreds of dollars. We calculated more than $300 per consumer,” Blumenthal said.

Blumenthal is also pushing for a suspension of the 18-cent federal gas tax, for the president to release more of the strategic oil reserves, for OPEC nations to produce more fuel, and for a Federal Price Gouging Prevention Act, which gives the Federal Trade Commission so-called superpowers.

As prices at the pump are expected to hit $5 a gallon soon, the state’s attorney general is going up the fuel chain to keep wholesalers honest.

“If a bunch are at $4.75 and someone’s at $6.25, and there’s no good reason why they’re so high, then I would ask you to report it,” Attorney General William Tong said.

Tong’s office has gotten more than 200 price gouging complaints, but there have been no prosecutions yet.

In addition to rising diesel prices, Connecticut is increasing its state tax on diesel beginning on July 1. Gov. Ned Lamont told News 8 that he was not aware of the measure.

“This is some law that goes back 10, 12 years that I was a little taken by surprise that it didn’t come up during our discussions in and around the gas tax that this increase could happen,” the governor said.

The higher cost of diesel is making delivery services for local companies more expensive in the state. Lamont has said he is working to protect in-state drivers and businesses from having to deal with that increase.

“The bulk of the […] diesel tax goes to those out-of-state truckers who rumble right through our state on their way down to Florida and never stop,” said Lamont. “I didn’t see any great need to give them a tax break, but I’m doing everything I can to help local businesses that sometimes depend upon a diesel fuel to get things delivered.”

The current price of diesel in the state is $6.21 per gallon, nearly double the price it was a year ago.

In other nearby areas, gas prices are also on the rise. In Waterbury, the average price is $4.79 per gallon, and in Bridgeport, it’s $4.84.

This is not the worst of these soaring prices, though. Experts believe the worst is yet to come.

“After a blistering week of gas prices jumping […] more bad news is on the horizon. It now appears not if, but when, we’ll hit that psychologically critical $5 national average,” said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy. “Nine states have average gas prices that stand beyond the $5 per gallon mark, with more set to join in the days and weeks ahead.”

At this point, it appears only a special session of the legislature could reverse, or halt the diesel increase. Republican lawmakers will hold a press conference Tuesday on the diesel tax increase. They’ll be asking the administration for relief.

You may immediately save about $0.10 a gallon by paying for your gas with cash.

More information on rising gas prices can be found on GasBuddy’s website.