HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Lawmakers extended Connecticut’s 25-cent gas tax holiday until December, but you might not feel it when you pay at the pump. Gas prices are once again spiking even with the tax break.

On Monday, May 9, the average is $4.32 a gallon in Connecticut, which is almost the same as the U.S. average, but a lot less than drivers in California who are paying $5.83 a gallon, according to AAA.

Experts have long suspected price volatility would override the savings state residents have been seeing from the 25-cent per gallon gas tax holiday lawmakers implemented last month. That has provided some relief, but major factors are driving prices back up.

“We’ve seen crude oil prices climbing steadily from the past couple of weeks, and that is now filtering down to the price at the pump,” said Chris Herb, the president of the Connecticut Energy Marketers Association.

He said mandates are likely behind the latest spike.

“The government-mandated requirement to switch from winter-blended gasoline, which is less expensive, to a higher cost summer-blended gasoline is happening right now, and I think that is also driving prices higher.”

The war in Ukraine continues impacting gas prices, and with demand increases ahead of the Memorial Day holiday, don’t expect prices to come down soon.