NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Some harsh words for President Joe Biden from a Connecticut Gold Star family.

Emotions are high among families of those who lost loved ones in the 20-year war in Afghanistan after the Taliban took back the capital of Kabul over the weekend.

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The Deluzios of Glastonbury, CT – now living in Arizona – are parents of two Afghanistan veterans.

One of their sons, Steven, never came home. He died in battle in the Paktia Province at the age of 25. His brother, Scott, also served in Afghanistan with the Connecticut National Guard and spoke with News 8.

“I really feel for the people of Afghanistan, the interpreters and their family, everyday people who are left behind there in Afghanistan. I just feel terrible for them because, you know, with the U.S. they had a chance, they had hope for a better life, for children, for their family, for their country.”

We also spoke with Scott’s parents, Mark and Diane Deluzio, who are calling for the president to resign.

Diane: “I definitely think he is the commander in chief he is to blame for the disaster this has turned out to be, for sure. I think that the men and women who enlisted during a time of war. My two sons, they’re patriots and they did what their country called on them to do. And I just pray for the men and women who are left behind and I think that this falls squarely on the commander in chief who is President Biden.”

The Deluzios told us that they certainly are proud of their sons’ accomplishments in Afghanistan but they question the initial strategy of the U.S. going into that country.