Gov. Lamont, local lawmakers react to inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris


HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH)– Governor Ned Lamont and other Connecticut lawmakers are reacting to Wednesday’s inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Wednesday.

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Gov. Lamont tweeted, “Congratulations to my good friend, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. I know you will lead our nation through this pandemic and work to unite our nation.”

New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker released a statement on the Inauguration in the form of a letter to New Haven residents:

Dear New Haven Residents,

Today is Inauguration Day and one that I am sure we all will never forget. I want to congratulate our new 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, and 49th Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris. Today is an emotional day: over these past tumultuous four years, we lost sight of many issues in our country and, in many ways, are divided.

Last November, the majority in our nation made a statement at the polls to say that divisiveness and hate have no home in America, to say that we should base policies on science and data, to say that we should invest in those who are struggling the most, to say that we should lead on the global stage on issues around climate change and that we should strengthen our democratic institutions rather than undermine them. While President Biden and Vice President Harris are facing challenges unlike any that U.S. leadership has seen in decades, I am confident in their ability to confront these challenges and mend our country.

As the Mayor of New Haven, I also know that new leadership in Washington will have a direct benefit to the very things we value in our City. Our City reflects closely many of the challenges we face as a nation – many have lost their jobs to the pandemic, some of our public school children have fallen behind, many of our businesses are hanging by a thread, undocumented residents continue to face uncertainty, and many residents have had serious health impacts from COVID-19.

As we turn the page today, I am relieved and hopeful that we now have the leadership to help us confront these challenges together in partnership with the federal government. With new leadership, America can now be a leading, trusted voice and partner to work with us as we move forward.

Let’s get to work.

CT Treasure Shawn T. Wooden released the following statement on “Vice President Harris’ achievements in breaking numerous glass ceilings”:

Today’s inaugural ceremony of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris is an important step on our country’s path towards healing. While they are taking office amidst a global pandemic, economic downturn, and racial reckoning, I am fully confident in their ability to get our country back on track. President Biden’s leadership and history of resilience, humility, and hope are uniquely suited for him to meet the greatest challenges of our time with grace.

The Biden Administration’s commitment to uniting our nation and prioritizing the health, safety and economic security of all Americans will help us end this public health crisis and quicken the economic recovery. President Biden’s plans to accelerate the vaccine rollout will not only save American lives but also continue to give the financial markets confidence that a stabilizing economic forecast and economic recovery is in sight.

This administration has also shown a commitment to stabilizing state and local finances by proposing $350 billion in aid as part of their new stimulus relief bill. This critical funding would offset the probability of state and local governments being forced to make cuts to their workforces, including some of our most essential workers here in Connecticut such as firefighters, teachers, and public works employees who have stepped up and answered the call to protect their communities throughout this crisis.

With multiple, overlapping crises, President Biden also understands that the pandemic and economic crisis have impacted Black and Brown communities especially hard. His racial equity agenda seeks to prioritize building an inclusive economy by addressing racial economic disparities and making a long-term investment in our nation’s economy. This commitment to racial equity is critical to America reaching its promise.

Among historic achievements today includes the numerous glass ceilings Vice President Kamala Harris has broken as the first Black woman, Asian American — and first HBCU alum Vice President. Vice President Harris brings a wealth of intellect, tenacity, and resolve to the White House. Her uniquely American story is an inspiring one. In her new leadership role, girls and women of all races and ethnicities can envision themselves serving at the highest levels of government; overcoming the many obstacles that women and color continue to face in America. Just as she did as Attorney General of California and U.S. Senator, Vice President Harris will quickly rise to the occasion, excel in her role, and make our country very proud.”

State Senator Doug McCrory (D-Hartford) also issued the following statement on the inauguration:

The inauguration of Joe Biden as President and Kamala Harris as Vice President gives our nation the steady leadership we need to deliver relief to struggling families and build back our economy from the devastation of COVID-19. Further, this is an opportunity to address long-existing inequalities in our institutions from criminal justice reform to addressing health disparities in underserved communities. I hope this opportunity is used to the fullest to give people a renewed sense of optimism.

I want to also acknowledge the history that has been made today in seeing Kamala Harris become the first woman, the first Black American, and the first South Asian American to serve as Vice President. It is my hope that today is a message to so many young people that they too can aspire to serve in the highest offices of our country. As my Madam Vice President said she may be the first, but she won’t be the last.”

State Senate Rep. Leader Pro Tempore Paul Formica released a statement following the inauguration saying “Let us not allow this historic day to be marred by neither the division nor turmoil our nation witness in the past weeks or months…”

Inauguration Day in America has traditionally been a hopeful day of new beginnings and a day of ceremonial respect for our democracy as the presidency is passed peacefully from the current to the next.

Let us not allow this historic day to be marred by neither the division nor turmoil our nation witnessed in the past weeks or months nor the incredible challenges our country faces, especially with this pandemic.

I woke this morning to find a dusting of fresh snow and with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for our great and beautiful country and our democracy. While there is much work to do to mend our society and government, today marks a new starting point.

Whatever side of the politics you are on, today is the day to start sharing the solutions, ideas, and initiatives you believe in.

Importantly, today we are witness to the historic shattering of glass ceilings for women and minorities with the inauguration of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Today’s ceremonies in Washington will look and feel different than those in recent memory. Let us together be confident that this new day will deliver an American moment that will reenergize the respect we should share with each other.

This is a pivotal time for all Americans. I send my congratulations to President Biden and Vice President Harris and wish them a smooth and productive start to their service in these new and important roles as well as the ability to listen to all the diverse voices that make up our great nation.”

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