NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– Governor Ned Lamont is proposing to fill Planned Parenthood‘s funding gap after the organization says it was forced to pull out of federal funding.

Planned Parenthood says it was forced to withdraw from federal support for health services last year after the Trump administration changed a rule forbidding referrals to doctors who perform abortions.

“This gag rule forces healthcare providers to lie to and mislead their patients and and Planned Parenthood we were not going to do that,” said Amanda Skinner, President & CEO, Planned Parenthood of Southern New England.

The organization scrambled and reached out to donors for help. Now, Governor Lamont is proposing to fill part of the gap with his budget proposal unveiled last week.

“To keep the full range of reproductive options available and affordable,” said Lamont.

Planned Parenthood of Southern New England serves some 42,000 patients annually.

“Providing access to birth control, sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment, cancer screenings, basic reproductive healthcare services that all people need access to,” said Skinner.

The governor’s plan sets aside $1.5 million to the State Health Department for “family planning services,” $1.2 million would then go to Planned Parenthood of Southern New England, $300,000 would go to the Cornell Scott Hill Health Center, with $80,000 set aside for Fair Haven Community Health Care.

All organizations that provide health services to low income families.

Amanda Skinner’s career began as a nurse. Now, she oversees Planned Parenthood of Southern New England. She hopes the legislature is also eager to support what she says has historically been a bi-partisan issue.

“Fundamentally, the title X program is focused on meeting a public health need and that’s a need that all communities and all people should support,” said Skinner.

News 8 reached out to the Family Institute of Connecticut and they say it’s wrong for taxpayers to be on the hook for funding Planned Parenthood voluntarily gave up. They said they plan to oppose this portion of the state budget.