HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — On Tuesday, Governor Ned Lamont and the State’s Department of Transportation announced the launch of a new app that will let riders buy tickets and parking for Connecticut’s rail system, including the Hartford Line and Shoreline East.

The new app is called CTrail eTix. Officials claim it will be a cheaper and easier way to pay for train tickets. Train commuters don’t like to waste any time, and this app will save passengers a few extra minutes.

“A little 15 minutes more at home for a cup of coffee, a chance to see your child,” said Gov. Ned Lamont (D – Connecticut). “Or, if you’re a hard charging person, 15 minutes earlier in the office to hit the ground running.”

The app offers discounts, so tickets are easier and cheaper. Transportation officials also know that many commuters are connecting through New Haven on to trains to New York.

“They’ll be able to buy that ticket in this app as well,” explained Connecticut Department of Transportation Public Transportation Bureau Chief Richard Andrewski. “And, if they’re going to Grand Central, they’ll be able to get one ticket. So if you board here at Berlin Station and use this app, you’re all set to go to New York.”

The app is part of Governor Lamont’s ambitious CT 2030 plan which involves spending billions on new rail facilities and new rail cars. The long term goal is to make it from Hartford to New Haven in 30 minutes, and New Haven to Grand Central in an hour.

“It’s not just that we’re speeding up the rail, but more frequent rail service which means it’s more convenient for you, and if you miss a train, you know there’s another one right behind it,” Lamont said.

The app is available through the standard App Store on your smart phone. Passengers utilizing the Berlin and Wallingford stations are also able to pay for parking through the app.

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Being a businessman from Greenwich, Governor Lamont has placed a high priority on commuter train transportation right from the beginning of his administration.

We know that the Governor is proposing spending billions of dollars upgrading the state’s transportation infrastructure over the next decade, including new rail cars and new rail facilities. He is working with phone companies to upgrade cell reception along train tracks so people can get more done as they commute.

He also wants trains to be able to go from Hartford to New Haven in 30 minutes, New Haven to Stamford in 30 minutes, and Stamford to Grand Central in 30 minutes.

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You can download the CTrail eTix app at the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.