HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — The state’s solution to cutting down on waste could be converting trash into something else.

About 40% of Connecticut’s trash is shipped out of state, totaling about 860,000 tons a year.

Wednesday, Gov. Ned Lamont toured Bright Feeds in Berlin to learn more about potential solutions.

Bright Feeds is the largest food processing site in the state. The idea behind it — repurposing organic materials like food scraps — are part of Lamont’s proposal to cut down on waste and save transfer stations money.

“We think that there are great incentives in the bill for doing this, and we think that will help tremendously in solving the problem,” said Scott Kalb, the co-founder of Bright Feeds. “If we can make it convenient and cost-effective for people, we can get the job done.”

Other proposed solutions include taxing packaging producers and solid waste. New technology can also help cut down on trash.