Governor Lamont addresses CT transportation system problems and congestion


Governor Lamont addressed road congestion issues in our state and ways to improve these problems on Friday morning in Hartford

One of the areas Governor Lamont highlighted is Interstate 91 in Hartford. 

If you live here in Connecticut, you’ve complained about the traffic on our highways at one point or another. Governor Lamont used I-91 in Hartford as a backdrop to talk about this issue. Specifically, the Exit 29 ramp that takes you over the Charter Oak Bridge connecting you to I-84 and Route 5. 

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This area is notorious for backups, sometimes extending more than a mile. However, it’s not just there -try driving along I-84 during rush hour. 

While I-95 often turns into a parking lot, Governor Lamont wants to address these issues saying we need to improve our roads. 

This comes one day after Lamont sent out a letter to Democratic and Republican lawmakers basically saying that our current transportation system is hampering our ability to grow and compete with other states. Gov. Lamont underlined the importance of bringing revenue into our stay to pay for projects in the form of tolls, a controversial decision to say the least. 

In his letter, Lamont says he’s been working with transportation co-chairs to craft a bill that allows us to upgrade roads, bridges and speed up rails, calling for both sides of the aisle to reach a compromise on this. 

In terms of the tolls, Lamont initially said it would be just trucks that are charged, but then flipped shortly after coming into office saying it would be all vehicles. 

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Lamont says that under the current plan, 40% of the toll revenue would be collected from people out of state. 

He also says that the rates that are put into place would be frozen for 3 years and discounts will be provided to Connecticut EZ pass holders with additional discounts for what he calls “frequent users.”


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