NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — In an effort to meet Connecticut’s shortage of nurses and social workers, the state has allocated $30.5 million to be split by schools and agencies at part of the Southern Connecticut State University CT Health Horizons Initiative.

It’s a welcome shot in the arm to get more nurses and social workers into Connecticut facilities.

One example of how it works is a partnership between SCSU and local healthcare providers like The Cornell Scott Hill Health Center and The Clifford Beers Community Health Center.

“I want to thank them, especially for opening their facilities to our students to provide for the first time a training ground where we both win,” said Loida Reyes, chair of the department of social work at SCSU.

And those agencies win.

“We’re very excited to be able to expand our internship program, and also on our hiring programs,” said Alice Forrester, CEO of the Clifford Beers Community Health Center.

Some of the money will help with tuition for 1,000 students. It will also be used to hire more instructors.

Independent colleges such as Quinnipiac University are also a part of this.

“At Quinnipiac, they will be supporting both student scholarships and our accelerated nursing program complete the degree in one year,” Provost Debra Liebowitz said.

The head of Connecticut’s State and Community Colleges, which serves 85,000 students, is thrilled about its new program.

“It represents all of the eligible nursing and social work in the state so it’s truly a team effort,” CSCU President Terrence Cheng said.

Another big goal of this program is to increase the number of diverse students who enter the health field, so that people are treated more by people in their communities who look like them.