HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — A Connecticut group said it plans to file a lawsuit as soon as Gov. Ned Lamont signs new sweeping gun legislation into law.

“Our view is that firearm rights are fundamental,” said Norm Pattis, the attorney for We the Patriots USA. “Not everyone has the desire to possess them, and they certainly do cause harm, but let me tell you something — who are you going to trust to defend yourself in a moment of notice? You gonna call Governor Ned Lamont, or would you rather rely on your own resources?”

Lamont said in a statement that the legislation would “modernize our firearm safety laws in a smart and strategic way to help prevent tragedy from happening.” He said a majority of people in the state support the new legislation.

The bill, which passed on Saturday, expands the state’s assault weapons ban. It also heightens penalties for possessing high-capacity magazines and disqualifies people with certain domestic violence crimes from owning a gun.

The video below aired in our 8 p.m. newscast on June 5, 2023.