Guilford scientists create non-invasive test that detects health issues through the eyes


GUILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Imagine a doctor being able to diagnose health conditions, even diseases without drawing blood or doing anything invasive. Some scientists at Tesseract Health, Inc. in Guilford have developed a high-tech tool they say will do that.

Tesseract Health’s Chief Medical Officer says it’s the window to a person’s health.

“It’s the only place in the human body where one can directly see arteries, veins, capillaries and nerves,” says Dr. David Rosenthal, Tesseract Health’s chief medical officer.

The device is called the Tesseract iC. It’s inventors call the diagnostic tool a next-generation diagnostic tool for doctors.

“You can think of it as easy as taking a photo or selfie of your eye that allows us to see the chemistry and diagnose and manage a variety of health diseases like diabetes, strokes, heart disease even Alzheimer’s disease.”

Doctor David Rosenthal, who is also affiliated with Yale, says the team is creating a new branch of diagnostics using the best if imagery and laboratory medicine.

He says for years ophthalmologists have had expensive tools to non invasively see the health of arteries veins and nerves in the eyes. The Tesseract Health team is using semiconductors and artificial intelligence to make it widely available.

“Initially it will be with your doctor but our hope is that eventually we get these into the hands of everybody,” says Dr. Rosenthal.

He says the iC device will not replace most blood tests, but will be more convenient than traditional diagnostic tests.

The scientists and doctors are preparing to apply for FDA approval, and are hoping to bring their product to market in 2022.

The Guilford based company has grown so fast their biggest challenge is now finding engineers and scientists to hire in their quest to democratize medicine.

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