WALLINGFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Gun permits are at an all-time high in Connecticut.

State police released statistics from the last 12 years and in that time, more than half a million permits were issued.

“We are starting to see a little more brand-new firearm shooters, very similar to what we saw in 2020,” said James Emory, sales manager at Delta Arsenal in Wallingford.

In 2021 alone, men in the state were issued more than 28,000 permits. Women were issued more than 18,000 gun permits. Delta Arsenal experienced that increase firsthand.

“Primarily we are an indoor range that offers retail services, gunsmithing, training as well,” Emory said.

Workers at the shooting range believe the increase has to do with people becoming more and more concerned about their personal safety after a string of mass shootings across the country.

“More recently now, it’s a little more about safety now. People are more nervous, not knowing what’s going on,” said Nick Buonaiuto, range safety officer at Delta Arsenal.

While gun permit numbers are lower in 2022, the year is far from over, with more than 11,000 permits issued so far.

For perspective, about 1.5 million guns were reportedly sold in the United States in June, according to the FBI. Workers at Delta Arsenal stress the importance of safety and professional training.

“We want everybody to be safe. We want everyone to have the ability to take care of themselves,” Buonaiuto said.