It is a historic day in Hartford on Friday, February 1st. More than 100 girls will be inducted into the Boy Scouts for the first time ever!

There was a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of excitement, as boys and girls men and women came together in the capital in the House of Representatives to make history.

Scouts outnumbered lawmakers in the House of Representatives as it became official. The Boy Scouts are no longer, it’s now just scouts.

Cherri Waters has been with the Boy Scouts in a leadership role as her son became an Eagle Scout, and now she looks forward to doing it all over again with her daughter.

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“It’s really amazing for me to continue on with my daughter and share these experiences with her it’s a bond that we will share forever.”

Meredyth Waters loves camping and hiking in the outdoors and looks forward to following in her brothers footsteps.

“The girls have always been in the background, but now we are going to be hands-on with them we are going to be camping with them, even in the tents even when it’s too cold to be intense.”

While the Boy Scouts have dropped the name boy off of scouts, Girl Scouts still remains an all female organization. 

During the ceremony, Scouts from all of the five Boy Scout Councils will receive the Report to the State from about 150 Scouts, their leaders and parents.