HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – The Capital Regional Development Authority announced the developer for a new $130 million project coming to the city of Hartford Wednesday.

The Bushnell South project will turn a sea of parking into a brand-new neighborhood with restaurants, entertainment, and coffee shops.

The Michaels group was awarded the contract to develop the land. Mayor Bronin believes the organization best understands the area and how to blend it in with the rest of the neighborhoods and the historic districts.

“The group that was selected Michaels is a national development firm with tremendous experience all across the country and it’s exciting that they will bring that expertise to Hartford on such an important project,” said Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin (D).

The development will have two city blocks of prime real estate across the street from the Bushnell Theatre and state Capitol. Mayor Bronin said the Michaels group plans to add parking underneath the new development.

“The development is about reconnecting our neighborhoods, healing those wounds that are left by highways or surface parking and filling them in with residential,” said Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin (D).