PLAINVILLE, Conn. (WTNH) — Plainville police are investigating 29 vehicle break-ins that have happened so far in August — about half of which were within one night.

The town of about 17,000 people has seen a slew of break-ins that have smashed vehicle windows and stolen items that were inside, according to officials. Police said they are following up on possible leads.

Residents who spoke with News 8 say they are shocked and concerned. They say they hear about crimes like this happening in other cities, but they don’t think about them happening here…until now.

“We’re not Hartford. We’re not Bristol or New Britain. This is a small, little community that everybody knows everybody,” Allen Daniels of Plainville said.

“It’s definitely a large problem that needs to be addressed. And I mean with summertime and kids going back to school, it’s definitely a big concern,” Chris Valenti in Plainville

In the meantime, officers urged people to park in locked garages (or close to their homes, if possible) and to leave their cars in well-lit areas. Make sure that valuables are not inside. Put an alarm on your vehicle, and be sure to lock the doors.

If you spot someone trying to break into your vehicle, officers said to call 911 and not try to confront the thief yourself.