CONNECTICUT (WTNH) — While the COVID-19 positivity rate reached 8.6% on Tuesday, officials are saying the numbers are lagging behind. The hospitalizations and the death toll — those are still to come and will only continue to rise.

“I don’t have good news to share on that, and I don’t want to add to your frustration,” Governor Lamont said, being frank with the public.

The positivity right now at the highest levels they have seen during broad base testing, and hospitals are getting ready for more patients.

“We do some continued modeling here at Trinity Health and we’re seeing what we expected, and we are prepared for it.”

But there is good news. While the hospitalizations are up across the state at Saint Francis and Trinity Health, the number of really sick patients has gone down, and the recovery rate is better.

“We are not seeing the same level of intensive care unit patients as we have seen back in April or May, thank goodness! So we are seeing more patients that are ill, but not the same severity of illness that we saw earlier in the pandemic. “

Saint Francis can also use their outdoor tents to mass vaccinate the public without interfering with hospital operations.

“The [Connecticut] Department of Public Health and the Connecticut Hospitals Association are guiding us on the vaccine, so we are getting ready to utilize that vaccine as soon as it hits the ground here in Hartford.”

Doctors want to reiterate that hospitals are open and ready to handle any kind of flow that comes in.