HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – E-scooter rentals are becoming very popular on the streets of Hartford, but starting on Monday, the company is making some big safety changes for first-time riders.

Zipping up and down the streets of Hartford, when it comes to riding the Link E-Scooters, safety comes first. That’s why the maker is introducing the slow first ride feature. It’s for those new to this mode of transportation.

“They download the app and the first time they take is going to be slowed from 15 miles per hour to 8 miles per hour,” said Shawna Kitzman, Super-Pedestrian Content Manager.

Six months ago, the company Super-Pedestrian launched the scooter in Hartford. Its goal was to swap cars for scooters and reduce traffic congestion and pollution. However, public safety is its top priority.

“Research shows about one in three incidents happen on the first ride, so this is just our proactive strategy to slow that first ride down,” Kitzman said.

Since the scooters rolled into town, records show more than 160,000 people have gone for a spin. That’s about 1,000 trips per day. A total of 500 scooters are now available to get you to where you need to go.

“So, if you see a scooter that you want to ride, you’re going to first download the link app, and then you’re going to scan the bar code or enter the number on the scooter. You enter some quick information, it’s going to run through some safety tips and you can get going on your first ride,” Kitzman said.

Winter is just around the corner and the scooters are able to get through the snow. The biggest challenge will be staying warm.