AVON, Conn. (WTNH) – A string of burglaries in an Avon neighborhood over the past week has residents feeling on edge.

According to the police, thieves have been hitting homes at dusk in the Woodford Hills section of Avon.

The thieves are going through black sliders or open doors while no one is home.

Neighbors said the burglars were well prepared to strike fast, hitting homes in their neighborhood in a back-to-back fashion.

“They say they go in for 3 to 5 minutes before the police come they know when you’re not there, they steal jewelry and money,” Avon resident Karl Krapek said.

Police have started patrolling the streets more thoroughly, officials said.

Officers said at least four homes have been targeted, but neighbors said it could be even more.

“There definitely seems to be some premeditation to it, they are canvassing the neighborhood whoever is doing it is paying attention, but now we are all paying attention,” Krapek said.

Now neighbors are coming together and stepping up security, so they aren’t next.

“I have a lot of security, I have annunciators I’ve got Ring I’ve got cameras the best alarm systems in the world, now I’m getting worried,” Krapek said.

Burglars often target secluded neighborhoods with no streetlights and homes that have long driveways. Police are encouraging people to leave their lights on indoors and make sure their windows and doors are all locked.

Police have collected evidence and well as surveillance video. Officers believe they may be looking for a white car as the case moves case forward.

Avon Police reached out to other detectives and police departments in the area to see if they have similar break-ins so they can coordinate cases.