BERLIN, Conn. (WTNH) — The Berlin Police Department announced on Tuesday it is stepping up patrols to combat an increase in car break-ins.

Berlin police are fielding anti-crime patrols during high-crime activity hours, according to a written statement from Berlin police.

A portion of the written statement reads:

“We are aware that this rising wave of crime is seriously affecting the citizens in our community. Residents are anxious that they may be victimized next. To our community, we hear you and are responding to your concerns. We can tell you during the past few weeks, your calls for suspicious activities and complaints are being addressed to the best of our ability. Your complaints are not going unheard, but with what is happening in our town and communities across Connecticut, many of these issues are taking a back seat to more pressing issues.”

Berlin police issue warning after truck windows smashed

Berlin police said they are having all their public safety personnel work extra shifts to get more manpower on the streets to combat car break-ins, larcenies, and thefts.

The statement went on to say Berlin police believe the reduction of police-qualified immunity protection is restraining officers’ calls to service.

Berlin police said they have seen many juvenile offenders commit crimes in the town as of late. The state of Connecticut has recently changed how law enforcement can respond to crimes committed by juveniles and what consequences juveniles face.

Authorities are asking residents to call the Berlin Police Department immediately when they observe suspicious behavior in order to keep the community safe.