BERLIN, Conn. (WTNH) — Berlin police are warning people about a rash of truck windows being smashed in town.

Authorities said late model trucks are being targeted in Berlin and the surrounding areas.

Aidan Jones, a Berlin resident and owner of AJ Landscaping, was getting into his car Monday morning when he noticed his center console was open. He then saw the driver’s window was broken. 

“You just feel violated,” he said. “They touched your personal property, they broke into your personal property and destroyed your personal property.” 

Shattered glass was all over the seat and floor. He said the suspect didn’t take anything, but the damage to his truck was bad enough.

Jones began a landscaping company three years ago and used his truck for each job. 

“The minute I noticed the window was broken, my blood just boiled,” he said. “This is my personal vehicle and my work vehicle, too. So, without my vehicle for doing work, I can’t complete the jobs I promised customers that I’m going to do.” 

Jones got his window fixed, but he worries it could happen again. 

“Just last night going to sleep I’m almost trying to keep myself up, trying to catch someone do it,” he said. 

Police are advising drivers to be extra vigilant and call police if they see anything suspicious in your neighborhood.

The video below aired in our 10 p.m. newscast on April 11, 2023.