HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Two big events are bringing thousands of people to Hartford this weekend.

The 2022 NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championships are happening at Rentschler Field and a Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series event is taking place in the city.

On Friday night, all of the action was in hotels, restaurants, and the Connecticut Convention Center.

“All of the hotels were sold out so I’m actually up at Bradley, at the airport, so I tried booking this trip on Monday, so here we are,” said Tommy Wright, who came to Hartford from Illinois.

Wright was in Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ, along with all the lacrosse players and Yu-Gi-Oh! players.

“I have had people from New Jersey, I’ve had people come in from New York, and this young man from the bar is here helping with the teams, so it’s bringing in people from all over. We’re super excited,” said Chris Carr of Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ.

“It’s an awesome city. I’m just starting to explore it now, get some barbecue in me and then bounce around the town,” Wright said.

Scott Page traveled to Hartford from Dallas, Texas for the Yu-Gi-Oh! event.

“We’re here for this Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament, I’m about to win it again. We got the crew here eating some barbecue… I found the barbecue right away,” Page said.

Yu-Gi-Oh! is not only bringing people in from around the country but from Canada and Europe as well, all to downtown Hartford.

“It’s a big tournament… so everybody comes to this one. Anybody who wants to win, this is their chance to show who’s the best,” said John Wilkin of Toronto, Canada.

Normally, Memorial Day weekend is pretty slow in downtown Hartford because everybody’s out barbecuing in their own backyard, but now business owners are thankful for the influx of people in the city.