HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — A rally was held on Saturday at the Capitol to urge state officials to better protect bikers and pedestrians while on the road.

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Activists rallied Saturday to call on state lawmakers to pass the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI). In 2021, over 40 people have been killed on Connecticut roads. Advocates say, passing the TCI will fund much-needed infrastructure protection for cyclists and pedestrians.

About 50 cyclists from across the state with Nike Walk CT, along with other state biking organizations, joined the rally to support the TCI.

Organizer Thomas Regan-Lefebvre was a key speaker at the rally. He said, in part, “This is unacceptable. And we need to change the way we act. We have to secure the way these road users actually are using the roads. So we need to have investment to protect them. We need to change. We need to move away from a car-centric society to a society where all the users are respected.”

It was mentioned that a cargo bike would be “great for dropping off kids, commuting, going to the grocery store, etc.”