BLOOMFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — With inflation and high oil prices, Bloomfield is trying to help people with their bills.

This year, the demand has been overwhelming.

The town has a crisis fund, which is used to help families struggling with paying their rent, mortgage, utility bills, prescriptions, and other costs.

Camilla Hillian, the town’s social and youth services director, oversees the fund. Over the past year, most of it has been used to pay for heating oil for families in need. 

Hillian said the fund is almost completely dry, but many families are still seeking assistance. 

“We’re seeing more families asking for help that we have never served in the past and they never thought they would be in this position to have to ask for help,” she said. “The cost of everything has increased, but income is not increasing.”

Hillian asked the town council to add an extra $15,000 dollars to the fund. It doubled her request, hoping more families can stay warm this winter. 

“At $30,000, I think we can do quite a bit,” said Shamar Mahon, a member of the Bloomfield Town Council. “One of those things is to allow for our residents to not only get the help that they need, but also provide for their families with dignity.” 

Now that the fund has been replenished, families are encouraged to apply. There is no income requirement. 

For families outside of town, various statewide assistance programs like the Community Renewal Team have resources. 

“I highly recommend and suggest that people make those calls now, because there’s a lot of help out there and there are a lot of dollars that go unused because either people assume they don’t qualify, and they never apply or they’re just not aware of the programs,” Hillian said.

Call social services at (860) 242-1895. to get assistance in Bloomfield. Families will sit down with a social worker that will help decide a plan that fits.