WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WTNH) — Before families even take off for spring vacations, their bags go on a ride that looks straight out of Disney’s Tomorrowland.

It’s really a Computer Tomography C(T) scanner, also known as a CT scan. The previous X-Ray machines gave TSA agents a two-dimensional image. CT Scans go one better.

“They present a 3D image that the officer can rotate and turn any which way they want to be able to see what’s inside,” TSA New England spokesman Dan Velez said.

The new scanners mean TSA officers won’t have to pull you out of line and rummage through your bag looking for something that needs to be clarified on the scan. The TSA said it should also speed things up for another reason.

“You can leave your laptop,” Velez said. “You can leave your cellphone and your computerized products. You don’t have to take them out and put them in a separate bin. You can leave them right in your carry-on bag.”

A couple of TSA agents who wanted to remain anonymous told News 8 that they don’t like the new machines because they’re so slow.

“Anytime you institute new technology, there’s going to be a little bit of a grace period where our folks need to get used to the machines,” Velez said. “But I’ve seen the numbers, and since we’ve installed them, we haven’t had too many bad wait times, so our officers are picking it up pretty quickly.”

What does slow things down is people trying to bring banned items through security. Knives, tools and fake grenades were found at Bradley International Airport over the last few weeks.

“It’s always good for folks to make sure they’re checking their carry-on bag, making sure they don’t have any prohibited items in there before they come to the airport,” Velez said.

Most items can go in your checked bags. Bradley International Airport is about to start building a new screening facility for checked bags designed to streamline operations and allow the airport to expand to more flights and passengers.