HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Thinking about traveling in the fall? Now’s your chance to score some cheap flights with Breeze Airways, as the airline has extended its spring fare sale through mid-November.

Their “Little Things” spring fare sale offers flights from Hartford to cities across the U.S., including Raleigh, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Jacksonville, and Tampa.

“It’s the little things after all, like low fares and in-seat AC and USB/C outlets, that make travel easier and more enjoyable,” Breeze Airways said in a statement.

See the full list of fares and corresponding cities below, departing from Hartford:

Charleston, SC (Starting from $49* one way, from 4/19-5/23, or $39** from 9/6-11/13);
Columbus, OH (Starting from $52** from 9/6-11/13);
Fort Myers, FL (Starting from $39** from 9/6-11/13);
Jacksonville, FL (Starting from $39** from 9/6-11/13);
Las Vegas, NV (Starting from $79** from 9/6-11/13);
Norfolk, VA (Starting from $41** from 9/6-11/13);
Phoenix, AZ (Starting from $109* from 4/19-5/23, or $99** from 9/6-11/13);
Pittsburgh, PA (Starting from $42** from 9/6-11/13);
Raleigh-Durham, NC (Starting from $42** from 9/6-11/13);
Richmond, VA (Starting from $42** from 9/6-11/13);
Sarasota-Bradenton, FL (Starting from $49* from 4/19-5/23, or $39** from 9/6-11/13);
Savannah, GA (Starting from $39** from 9/6-11/13);
Tampa, FL (Starting from $39** from 9/6-11/13); and
Vero Beach, FL (Starting from $69* from 4/19-5/23, or $59** from 9/6-11/13).

Guests who purchase flights by April 10 can treat themselves to a “Nicest bundle” — which includes a First Class seat, two checked bags, and more — for only $1 more than the “Nicer bundle.”

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