BRISTOL, Conn. (WTNH) — A Bristol woman accidentally donated her wedding and engagement rings to Goodwill. Now, she’s hoping someone watching or reading this story will help recover the rings and return them to her.

Chrissy from Bristol has been happily married for ten years, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at her left hand as she lost her rings about a month ago.

“I cleaned out my closet and got rid of a bunch of clothes,” said Chrissy, who did not want her last name used in the story. “A last-minute decision, I threw in a sweatshirt. It was a blue zip-up hoodie, and I left my rings in the pocket.”

She took her rings off to work around the house and forgot about them. It took a couple of weeks to realize what happened. She went to the Goodwill store in Plainville, where she dropped off the clothes, but the blue hoodie wasn’t there. Goodwill walked her through what they do.

“If they can’t sort through everything, it gets sent somewhere else,” said Chrissy. “I think Hamden is a big outlet. Everything is just dumped into bins. They don’t check pockets or anything there.”

She and her friends have gone through racks of clothes at Goodwill stores searching for the light blue hoodie with a faded Six Flags logo. No luck, so they expanded their search.

“I’ve searched pawn shops. We’ve looked online,” she said.

Now, she is turning to News 8 for help. The ring pairing is white gold and designed by Neil Lane with Neil Lane engraved on the inside. The set may not be expensive, but the real value is what it means to Chrissy.

“It was different. It was unique. So, I can’t replace the sentimental value,” Chrissy said. “I also can’t replace the physical piece because they don’t make it anymore, and there’s nothing that I’ve seen that’s similar.”

As much as Chrissy hopes for the public’s help, she is very private. So, if you do find those special rings in the pocket of that light blue hoodie, please email News 8 at, and we will let her know.