HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Connecticut lawmakers held a public hearing Friday over a proposal to create a bear-hunting lottery system in Litchfield County.

If passed, SB 1148 would authorize certain hunting and killing of black bears and other rules to limit feeding potentially dangerous animals. Past proposals for bear hunts have failed in the state legislature.

State Rep. Karen Reddington-Hughes (R-Woodbury), who introduced the bill, was a guest on Good Morning Connecticut to discuss the changes she wants to see.

Watch the interview below:

The bill about bears is not the only bill making its way through the legislature this session that has to do with hunting. A completely separate bill would extend existing hunting to Sundays during hunting season.

“If there’s not conflict the other six days, there’s no reason to believe that there would be conflict one more day,” said Keith Cagle, the president of Friends of CT Sportsmen.

Hunters call the Sunday ban the last of Connecticut’s Blue Laws. Right now, only bow hunting on private property is allowed on Sundays. Opponents say people need a break one day a week.

“Connecticut residents deserve a day where they can recreationally use our trails, our open spaces, and not having the fear of accidentally getting shot,” State Rep. Gary Turco (D-Newington) said.

Hunting advocates note that the hunting season only lasts six or eight Sundays. Adding Sunday hunting would double the available hunting opportunities for many hunters who work during the week.