BERLIN, Conn. (WTNH) — As the war in Ukraine rages on, one woman in Connecticut is doing what she can to help. 

“Instead of a few days, I of course stayed longer,” said Anna Kobylarz, of Berlin. “I returned many, many times.”

Anna Kobylarz is getting ready to board a plane and go to Ukraine this week. She’s been almost ten times in one year.

“When the war started, they were more optimistic,” explained Kobylarz. “Now, it’s a different attitude.”

Shortly after the war began, Kobylarz left her home in Berlin and traveled to Poland, Ukraine’s nearest neighbor. At her apartment in Warsaw, she housed a Ukrainian family seeking refuge. With the help of her friends, Izabela Marczak and Zoriana Kramarenko, she also provided much-needed medicine to children, raised money, and organized donations.

“The place I like to go back to is City of Goodness,” Kobylarz said.

City of Goodness is an organization that provides shelter to orphans, women with children, older adults, and animals. Once Kobylarz realized their building did not have a bomb shelter, she spearheaded an effort to raise funds for another building that would include one.

The organization successfully built one and now construction on other buildings is underway. 

“Now, we are looking to raise $100,000 to support rehabilitation center which is very needed for those kids who suffer, who have a problem right now, who can’t get the right treatment because the war stopped everything,” Kobylarz said.

Plans are in the works for a fundraising effort when she returns. On Feb. 24, one year since the war started, they’ll meet at the Ukrainian National Home in Hartford and then hold a fundraiser at Belvedere Restaurant in New Britain.  

Kobylarz said their work won’t stop, and they’ll only continue to help, for as long as they can.