NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Rideshare and delivery drivers are preparing to protest as a state committee considers a new bill.

Connecticut Drivers United came up with a bill that proposes set wages and standards for drivers. The group is made up of drivers with Uber, Lyft and food delivery apps.

The group will be rallying ahead of a Labor and Public Employees Committee hearing on Thursday morning. As independent contractors, drivers say rideshare companies get most of what passengers pay for a ride and drivers live mostly on tips.

The group wants a set rate for driving – $1.30 per mile and ¢60 per minute.

The legislation also proposes that drivers get paid for tolls and extra mileage when traveling out of state.

“We do all the work, we don’t get any of the pay. This legislation would give us better pay, paying standards, and transparency so the customers, us and the state knows what we’re getting paid and how much these companies are actually making in these apps,” said Alex Johnson, Connecticut Drivers United.

The group fought for a similar bill last year, but it didn’t pass.
Drivers will be traveling in caravan from New Haven to Hartford before the hearing to generate support for the bill.