HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Recreational marijuana businesses are readying themselves for legal sales to begin in one week.

Medical marijuana sales in Connecticut are expected to hit $215 million next year, with recreational sales anticipated to reach $375, according to Marijuana Business Daily.

Recreational marijuana is legal in the state following a 2021 vote from the legislature, and more than 40,000 low-level cannabis convictions have been erased from criminal records. Now, the next step is opening dispensary doors.

At 217,000 square feet, Verano’s indoor Rocky Hill facility is the largest in the state. Inside, the business produces flower products, pre-rolled joints, concretes, extracts and vapes.

CTPharma has been licensed to grow medical marijuana for almost a decade. It grows the plan from tiny clones in a humid room. The medium-sized plants are housed in a controlled, lit space.

“These are strictly maintained in a vegetative state of growth so we can take the cuttings to make more plants,” said Rino Ferrarese, the executive vice president of Verano’s north region.

He expects more businesses to join the recreational use program as time progresses.

Under the law, all marijuana must be grown locally. Verano harvests and processes the plants at the Rocky Hill facility, and all testing is done at a state-licensed laboratory.

Customers must be at least 21 years old. There are also limits on how much marijuana they can buy recreationally. The limit is higher for medical use.