SOUTHINGTON, Conn. (WTNH) — On-ramps in Connecticut will soon have technology that senses when a driver is going the wrong way.

The changes are part of $20 million in improvements the Connecticut Department of Transportation plans to make to cut down on crashes.

“We know from the few states that have begun this and experimented how effective it’s been already,” said Sen. John Fonfara (D-Hartford).

Connecticut State Police has received reports about 300 wrong-way drivers this year — more than the last three years combined, according to Sgt. Christine Jeltema.

But while most of those drivers correct themselves, 19 have resulted in crashes.

Afterward, 85% of those drivers tested positive for being impaired, according to CTDOT Commissioner Joseph Giulietti, which is why the state is trying to make it as obvious as it can to let a motorist know they are going the wrong way.

Here’s how it works: CTDOT sets up a camera that is mounted at an intersection. When the camera detects that a car is going the wrong way up the ramp, it automatically triggers a series of red lights so that the driver knows to back up and go the other way.

“When you have an entrance and an exit ramp next to each other, even though we have the signs that say don’t go on, the lights should provide another level,” Giulietti said.