HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — A manager for the Connecticut Port Authority will pay $750 after accepting playoff hockey tickets from a contractor and then not reimbursing them within 30 days, according to an announcement Monday from the Connecticut Office of Ethics.

The employee accepted gifts from Seabury PFRA, according to the announcement, which violated state laws banning a person “from knowingly accepting gifts from any person the state employee knows or has reason to know is doing business or seeking to do business with that state employee’s agency or department.”

The manager accepted the National Hockey League playoff game tickets in May 2019, according to the ethics office, along with food and drinks. At the time, Seabury was under a contract with the port authority and was trying to be hired to write grants. The manager, along with his supervisor, went to the game in Boston with several Seabury workers.

The gifts totaled about $1,000, according to the announcement.

In July, the Connecticut Office of State Ethics resolved another case with Seabury, where the company admitted to giving the manager, other employees and board members gifts in 2017 and 2019. It was fined $10,000.

While the manager paid the company back $1,015 in August 2019, it was not within the 30-day deadline. He was cooperative with the investigation.

He has also been suspended from work for two days without pay.

The manager has been held responsible and accountable, Ulysses Hammond, the executive director of the Connecticut Port Authority, said in a written statement to News 8.

“Hopefully, with this chapter behind him, he, and we, can be even more laser focused on providing the invaluable professional service the citizens of the great state of Connecticut expect and deserve,” the statement reads.