The first-ever Connecticut Re-Entry Reform Day is being held at the State Capitol on Wednesday.

It’s putting an emphasis on thousands of former inmates around the state who are looking to get back into society.

Organizers of Wednesday’s event say it’s important to get former inmates engaged in the political process.

There’s been a big push in recent years to help those who were formerly incarcerated find work, housing and healthcare.

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“Finding and getting proper healthcare, mental healthcare, because a lot of people have trauma they haven’t dealt with or PTSD,” stated Earl Bloodworth with New Haven’s Project Fresh Start.

“People have challenges they used to get over,” said Gus Marks Hamilton of East Lyme. “They make mistakes, poor decisions, and they deserve a second chance.”

The last week of April was called National Re-Entry Week by the Obama administration. Recently, the Trump administration declared all of April “Second Chance Month.”