HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Rideshare and delivery drivers are calling on lawmakers to pass a new bill they argue would improve conditions for drivers on the job.

Drivers from across the state gathered on Thursday outside the Legislative Office Building in Hartford to rally in support of the bill.

“Right now is the time — Uber, Lyft, Doordash and Grubhub, Instacart change,” Carlos Gomez of Connecticut Drivers United said.

Debby Wright, the political directors for UAW Region 9a said large digital companies need to provide the same worker protections as other corporations.

“We are talking about the corporations assuming the risk and liability that they should for injuries, for property damage,” she said. “Not only to cars, not only to passengers, but their employees, their drivers.”

One of the main issues impacting drivers is out-of-state rules. Drivers are able to accept rides that bring passengers across state lines. However, drivers are not allowed to pick up a new fare in that neighboring state to bring a new passenger back. Drivers are then left paying the cost out of pocket to return to Connecticut.

“We’re basically working for free, up to three, four hours to drive back with no compensation,” Alex Johnson, a driver and the a member of the leadership committee for Connecticut Drivers United. “No pay for tolls on the way back, if this was any other job this would be illegal, right?”

In addition to addressing the out-of-state issues, the bill would improve driver wages and increase transparency from rideshare and delivery apps.