HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — A Hartford cybersecurity consultant is warning people to on alert after a real estate attorney recently lost more than $300,000 to a hacker.

Eric Buhrendorf, the CEO of Evernet Consulting, said being proactive is key.

“The problem is he didn’t have a trusted IT that was actively and proactively managing his IT,” Buhrendorf said. “He wasn’t doing anything proactively with security awareness training.”

His top tip is to turn on multi-factor authentication on every account.

“That is like a staple,” Buhrendorf said. “The second thing is education. Stay educated.”

He recommends visiting cisa.gov, subscribe to alerts and to find a stream of trusted information.

Never answer security questions accurately, he said, and use a password manager. He warns that if you know your password by heart, you are in imminent danger.