HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – Two Connecticut families met with United States Sen. Chris Murphy on Friday in Hartford to tell him stories of tragedy and death that are taking place in the Gaza Strip.

The families held a news conference on Friday night in front of Sen. Murphy’s office holding pictures of their loved ones that have been killed in Gaza, including two doctors who were working at a hospital.

“The sun never rose for two doctors, their wives and their seven children,” said Rawan Shahadeh of Hartford.

Dr. Khamis Abu-Hasaballah of Avon said his brother-in-law was killed in a bombing in addition to his brother-in-law’s wife, brother and grandson.

The senator met with the families and the head of the council on American-Islamic relations to hear their stories.

“In Sen. Murphy’s opinion, Hamas does have to be eliminated. How the Israelis and the Americans do that with minimal loss to civilian casualties is what he’s trying to puzzle out,” said Faran Memon, the council chair for the Connecticut chapter of American-Islamic Relations.

Sen. Murphy’s office released the following statement in part below.

“Since Hamas’ horrific attack on Israel on October 7th, Senator Murphy and members of his staff have consistently engaged with members of the Jewish and Muslim communities in Connecticut, as well as the families of those being held hostage by Hamas and families who have lost loved ones in Gaza.”

David Warren the president and CEO Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford called the loss of life amidst the Israel-Hamas war a tragedy.

“What’s happening to the people of Gaza is a tragedy, but a tragedy caused solely by Hamas, which launched this genocidal attack aligned with their charter, which calls for the complete elimination of Israel,” Warren said.