HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — The CT Freedom Alliance LLC and four Connecticut parents and their children filed a lawsuit against the CT Department of Education and Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona Tuesday over the school mask mandate.

Does wearing a mask at school violate students’ rights and violate state law? A group of parents and legal experts say so.

The CT Freedom Alliance reports that they and their clients have filed suit because, they say, the Dept. of Ed and Cardona “have violated state law and the Connecticut Constitution in issuing the school mask mandate on the basis of no legal authority, either in statute or in regulation.”

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The plaintiffs allege a denial of equal access to education, denial of due process, and claim negligence because “the Defendants have caused, or are likely to imminently cause, physical harm to the Children, and emotional distress and harm to the Children and the Parents.”

In a statement regarding the lawsuit, CT Freedom Alliance says science proves masks and face coverings are ineffective at preventing the spread of COVID-19, and that the extended wear harms children.

The science is clear that these masks and face coverings are not only woefully ineffective at preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, but also emotionally, psychologically, and physically
harmful to children when worn for extended periods of time.

What the state did in the name of public health will, in actuality, cause tremendous harm to the health of hundreds of thousands of children across the state. We intend to submit scientific evidence in court to support our position, something the Department of Education and Commissioner Cardona failed to do before issuing these mandates.

The CT Freedom Alliance

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The families listed in this complaint are from towns across the state including Marlborough and Farmington. 

The case documents can be found here.

State Attorney General William Tong released a statement saying,

“My office will vigorously defend the authority of the Governor to protect the public from the plaintiffs’ claims, which are not serious and are potentially dangerous. By seeking to eliminate protections for students in school, this lawsuit puts children and educators at risk and makes us less safe.  Plaintiffs do not have a constitutional right to endanger their own children and put their classmates risk.  Plaintiffs have no right to make themselves or anyone else sick. The overwhelming scientific and public health consensus is that masks effectively help prevent the spread of COVID — to deny that fact is wrong. The State of Connecticut is focused on one thing — keeping people safe and saving lives. We lead the fight in the nation against COVID and we must keep it that way.  This lawsuit, led by two members of the General Assembly, is little more than a politically-motivated stunt that wastes much needed time and resources that should be fully dedicated to public health and the critical work of the state.”

Attorney General William Tong