Conn. (WTNH) — Governor Ned Lamont announced Wednesday that all Connecticut school districts will be allowed to hold in-person graduation ceremonies as well as in-person summer school starting July 6.

We’ve seen some schools get creative in this past month, from drive-in to drive-up ceremonies. Now, the governor says schools can hold in-person graduations starting in July.

However, the governor said the graduation events will have to “follow certain health and safety protocols.”

The governor’s office said he made the decision “after consulting with Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona and state public health officials.”

Some of the guidelines schools will have to abide by include a requirement that ceremonies are held outdoors, limited to a maximum of 150 people in attendance (including graduates), and proper social distancing protocols must be followed.

The present requirements related to drive-in ceremonies will continue to apply if schools decide not to hold in-person ceremonies. These requirements include compliance with all public health-related rules, orders, the instructions in standing Connecticut State Department of Education and Department of Public Health guidance, and that where: 1) Cars are parked immediately next to each other, all car windows must stay closed. And 2) Cars are parked at least six feet from each other, car windows may be open. All individuals in the car must wear masks.

– Governor Ned Lamont

The governor intends on issuing an executive order codifying this guidance within the next couple of days.

Some schools like Farmington High School have decided to stay safe and hold drive-in graduations. The State Department of Education has also laid out rules for them. Windows have to be up unless the cars are at least six feet apart. People inside those cars will have to wear masks.

The governor’s announcement Wednesday also included rules for operating in-person summer school programs beginning July 6.

“The Connecticut State Department of Education has released guidance to every school superintendent in the state detailing rules for operating in-person summer school programs during the COVID-19 pandemic,” the governor said in a release.

Developed by the PK-12 subgroup of the Reopen Connecticut Advisory Group with the input of educators, students, parents, health officials, and the public, the rules state that in-person summer school programs can begin on July 6, 2020, provided that locations comply with certain requirements and the health and safety plans are reviewed with the district’s local director of public health and school medical advisor, if applicable.

– Governor Ned Lamont

To read the summer school rules, click here. To read a guidance document on preparing for a safe return to classroom learning, click here.