HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — New York Governor Andrew Cuomo came to the Governor’s mansion in Hartford to meet with Governor Lamont to discuss regional solutions to regional problems Wednesday.

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Lamont and Cuomo say they will work together on the vaping crisis, recreational marijuana laws, and transportation. They also talked about regional cooperation on cyber security and emergency management during big storms.

The two Governors, who had bonded and started this discussion during a brief fishing trip at Lake Ontario this summer, today joined together in blaming the federal government for a lack of leadership and direction on major issues.

Cuomo saying, “We’re getting out of Washington a lot of confusion and a lot of debate and they’re basically saying to the states, ‘You’re on your own.'”

Lamont adding, “The states are stepping in, filling a void left by the federal government, and that’s why we’re taking the lead on a lot of these issues.”

The two governors and key aides from both administrations spent time on trying to find common ground on potential new laws on recreational marijuana and restrictions on vaping materials.

“It makes no sense to pass one set of rules in New York when they can just drive across the border to Connecticut and have a different set of rules and visa versa,” said Governor Cuomo.

Governor Lamont saying, “This is something we want to do together. We want to do it in a timely basis. We don’t want to give up marijuana to the black market.”

Although there was no discussion about tolls, they agreed that the most common transportation issue for the two states is service on MetroNorth where thousands of Connecticut residents commute to New York every day.

“MetroNorth is vital to New York, it’s also vital to Connecticut. We’re investing in MetroNorth. We want to make it better, we want to do that with Connecticut,” said Governor Cuomo.

Cooperation between the states on legislative issues will involve close cooperation from the leaders of the General Assembly. The highest ranking state lawmaker says he’s on board. State Senate President Pro tem Martin Looney (D-New Haven) saying, “It is important, I think, for the region, if possible, to act together on some of these issues.”

In the spirit of collaboration and friendship, Lamont presented Cuomo today with a framed Connecticut fishing license. This, after Cuomo gave Lamont a new fishing rod on their fishing trip over the summer.

WTNH will have the details on this meeting tonight on News 8 at 6pm.