HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH)– This is day four of going to the picket line for caregivers at Sunrise facilities in Hartford.

After four days, caregivers at Sunrise Northeast say they are concerned about clients inside the very building where they are picketing. They are concerned their needs aren’t getting met and they aren’t getting proper showers and services.

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On Thursday, Sunrise Northeast went into hours of negotiations with union representatives. But those talks failed and Friday workers were right back to the picket lines. They are pushing for higher wages, affordable healthcare, and a pension option. The pension piece they say is the main sticking point.

“Sunrise refuses to approve a pension for their own workers,” said Pedro Zayas, spokesperson for the New England Healthcare Employees Union. “Let me remind you this is a pension that has been paid for by the state of Connecticut. Gov. Lamont and the legislature added $184 million in additional funding for group homes and day programs such as Sunrise.”

“We want to be with our individuals. We are all caregivers. We are all long-term caregivers and we feel so sorry. They are stuck in the building. I don’t know how they’re showering. They’re not getting well taken care of. They’re not getting the care that we would give them. And they need to do the right thing,” said Jennifer Brown, a caregiver at Sunrise.

Caregivers say they will be back until the pension piece is resolved.