BLOOMFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — Another moose is on the loose!

Bloomfield police shared news of several reports of a large moose in the area of Ellsworth Drive. Police said they reported the sighting to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and are advising anyone who comes across it to not approach the animal.

Photo courtesy Bloomfield police

While moose are docile creatures, they can become aggressive if they feel threatened.

Police warned citizens not to be too loud or aggressive and keep your distance from the animal. A moose will show if they can come aggressive; they will lower their head, have hair standing up on their neck, lick their snout, or pin their ears back. If a moose charges, police urge you to hide behind a tree and go inside a building or car.

There have been several moose sightings across Connecticut this year. The DEEP said that during this time of year, young moose may travel further, searching for new areas to call home.

Last week, two separate moose were fatally struck by cars — one in North Haven and one in Hartland. Both drivers were uninjured, though DEEP officials said it is 13 times more likely that a crash involving a moose will end in a human fatality than a crash involving a deer.

DEEP officials said moose should not be approached under any circumstances.

The public is urged to report moose sightings near major roadways, like Interstates 91, 84 and 95, to DEEP’s 24-hour Dispatch Center.

General moose sightings in other areas of Connecticut can be reported to DEEP’s online sighting report database.