HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — People in Connecticut want to make sure Ukrainian refugees have the bare essentials once they are safely out of the war zone.

Many of the volunteers at the Ukrainian National Home of Hartford are doing everything they can to get those essentials to their families back home who have lost everything.

“I did talk to my family on Sunday and they said they are still OK for food for another week. After that, they don’t know what they are going to do,” said Catherine Zastawsky of Hartford.

“Maybe they never will call you back… but here it helps us to help them the only way we can,” said Olha Vuyshnovsky of Hartford.

Hundreds of volunteers sort the items that come in, making sure everything is put in boxes labeled in both Ukrainian and English, so they can get what is needed to the right people.

“We have a network of Ukrainian folks that talk to one another and the shipping companies and so forth, so we know how we are getting it there,” said Petro Gluch of the Ukrainian National Home.

The goods will go from Connecticut to New Jersey to Poland and then another team of volunteers will deliver it into Ukraine.

“We get Facebook messages saying they are very honored that we are doing so much. They are very surprised that the Americans are stepping up as much as they are,” Gluch said.

Monetary donations for shipping costs are still needed. Checks can be made out to UNHH and sent to the Ukrainian National Home — in the memo, write Ukraine humanitarian aid.