HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – A big protest took place in Hartford Thursday afternoon. Hundreds of protestors from a health care union shut down the streets near the state Capitol and 24 people were arrested.

The home health care aides provide care to people who are homebound, and they say they wanted to speak directly to Governor Ned Lamont and the people at the negotiating table that they are not going away and they want their voices to be heard.

“Governor Lamont, please walk a day in the shoes of health care workers that are here. You are going to hear from homecare providers that are homeless right now, sleeping in their cars. There are health care workers with tens of thousands of dollars in medical debt because they don’t have health insurance,” said Diedre Murch, Vice President of 1199 Union.

“Many folks have gotten sick from COVID, have lost thousands in income. Many folks don’t have any route to make it to the doctor when they are sick,” Murch said.

People like Isaac Kolonziah were at the protest. He previously had an allergic reaction and had to be taken to the hospital. He ended up with an $8,000 medical bill.

“I was shocked because we are working and we don’t have insurance,” Kolonziah said.

“I have a very small studio for myself and I make enough money just to cover that, and if there’s anything that comes above, there’s no other money. I can retire at lunchtime on the day of my funeral,” said Laura Nasser of Hartford.

News 8 reached out to Lamont’s office and they said they are currently negotiating and do not comment while negotiations are underway.