EAST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – With Memorial Day on Monday, many communities will be holding events to remember all those in the armed forces who made the ultimate sacrifice. In East Hartford, organizers are preparing to honor their fallen heroes in a bigger way to make up for lost time.

2022 will be the first time in six years the town has held a Memorial Day event.

“The absence of that has hurt, its hurt the veterans community, its hurt the community as a whole. We’re just excited that its back,” said John Cook, chairman of the East Harford Veterans’ Commission.

Cook said the pandemic and budget concerns came in the way of previous events.

This year’s events will be themed “Duty, Sacrifice and Honor.”

“These people did their duty for our country. They made the supreme sacrifice, they died while in service. So now it’s our responsibility to honor them,” Cook said.

The event will consist of a parade, ceremony, and celebration. The parade will take participants down Riverside Drive to Goodwin University’s campus.

The parade will come to an end at the Fallen Star Memorial. It was dedicated in November of 2019 and the town is now looking forward to making it the site of its Memorial Day ceremony.

Along with the star there are three bronze statues. One is of a woman sitting, holding dog tags in her hand.

On another bench, a young boy is paying his respects. Finally, a male figure gazes at the monument, remembering the fallen.

“It’s really a solemn time for us to remember the fallen veterans and give them the honor they deserve. And then after we do that, after we’ve paid our respects in an appropriate way, lets celebrate the town that we’re going to support them in, East Hartford,” said Connor Martin, East Hartford mayor’s chief of staff.

Events will kick off at 10 a.m. with their Memorial Day Parade.