EAST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — East Hartford police are warning parents about a new social media app that internet predators are using to solicit nude photographs from children.

“The internet is a scary place,” said Briahna Martin, an investigator with the East Hartford Police Department. “It’s big. You don’t know who you are talking to on the other side of the screen.”

TIYA describes itself as a social entertainment app where users can chat, play games and watch videos with each other. But Martin said some adult users are targeting and messaging kids in an attempt to get the photos.

There have already been three reported cases in East Hartford in the last few months. The youngest victim was 7.

“Who knows how many other times this has been happening around the state, around the country, and even cases that are not being reported, so it’s definitely a concern,” Martin said.

Police posted a warning on Facebook, which has been shared dozens of times.

“As soon as you hear that information, you want to get it to the community as soon as possible so parents can be proactive and take a proactive approach to their kids’ social media accounts,” said Marc Caruso, the public information officer for the East Hartford Police Department.

The warning has parents like Antionio Garcia concerned.

“I tell you the truth — I think the phones should be a certain age limit — and have a place where the kids can only get so much, because kids these days are going to another level with the phones,” he said.

TIYA told News 8 that it takes immediate action to ban and remove users who violate its terms of service and users who inappropriate interact with others. It said it also bans and removes pornographic content and users who post or share it.

Martin recommends keeping an eye on children’s social media use.

“I know you want them to have their independence, but it doesn’t hurt to check up on them and educate them on internet safety,” she said.