ENFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — A school in Enfield will be closed for the rest of the week after 40 staff members tested positive for COVID-19, according to the superintendent.

Superintendent Christopher Drezek said 40 of the 75 staff members at Henry Barnard Elementary School are currently out due to the virus. While school officials tried to move staff around from other schools to try to cover the gap, there still weren’t enough bodies to adequately supervise in-person learning.

The school will be closed Thursday and Friday.

Doctors at Yale Medicine told News 8 they’re seeing more vaccinated and boosted people hospitalized with COVID, but still believe the vaccines are doing a big part in keeping more safe.

“It’s a good preventer, it’s not a perfect preventer of getting infected,” one doctor said. “It is really excellent at preventing severe disease and is outstanding at preventing death.”

The school is closed Thursday and Friday. As of right now, its unclear if it will open Monday.

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