WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — The family of a man shot and killed by a West Hartford police officer last week is questioning the use of force, saying it was unnecessary and excessive.

The Connecticut Office of Inspector General identified Mike Alexander-Garcia, 34, as the carjacking suspect shot and killed Tuesday night by Officer Andrew Teeter.

“We are left with the memory of his suffering,” Sheelynashary Alexander-Garcia said. “I keep hearing his voice, ‘Please don’t kill me.'”

Sheelynashary Alexander-Garcia said her family wants truth and justice for her brother.

“There’s no excuse for his actions,” she said. “I’m not standing here defending his actions, but he’s not a bad person.”

According to the inspector general’s preliminary report, Teeter shot Alexander-Garcia multiple times after allegedly running from one stolen car and attempting to steal two others before jumping into a vehicle in a service bay at Town Fair Tire on New Britain Avenue.

Sheelynashary Alexander-Garcia said her brother struggled with substance use disorder and was working toward a better future.

“My brother is dead because the police shot him three times, even though he had no weapon,” she said.

The inspector general’s office released body and dash camera footage and surveillance video on Friday, which captured the tense moments.

Alexander-Garcia’s family and attorneys are now calling into question the use of deadly force.

“The use of deadly force in this situation was unnecessary, excessive, and irresponsible,” Ken Krayeske said. “We’re grateful the Office of the Inspector General has opened an investigation into what we’re calling a police murder.

They claim Teeter escalated the situation, didn’t give Alexander-Garcia a chance, and believed the officer violated department policy.

“In the video, the officer never issued a clear command to Mike telling him how he can avoid death,” Krayeske said. “Mike has a criminal history. However, it’s mostly non-violent. There are two robbery convictions, but everything else is larceny.”

According to the department’s general use of force policy, officers must issue verbal commands, warnings, and instructions before using force when possible, and an objectively reasonable amount of force is permitted to prevent escape from custody or to effect an arrest.

“Based on our initial review, there appears to be a violation of police policy and conduct by the officer who escalated the situation and created this horrible, dangerous situation,” Attorney Peter Billings said.

Last week, West Hartford police released a statement on the shooting, saying in part:

“The West Hartford Police Department believes strongly in transparency and in all facts being gathered and impartially evaluated.”

The office of the inspector general, state police, and West Hartford police are investigating the shooting.