HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Travelers are eager to get out of Hurricane Ian’s path as the storm strengthened to a category 2 hurricane Monday.

“We couldn’t wait to get out, and we did it just in the nick of time, but I feel bad for the people left behind,” said Kathy Bruciati, who was at the Bradley International Airport in Hartford on Monday.

Travelers began calling the airport Sunday to book flights. Those who have been able to get out of Florida, they’re still thinking about the loved ones left behind.

“My daughter lives right by the ocean, and so they had to get everything ready, and I would have been a burden to them because they had to go somewhere else,” Alice Mcgann said. “My daughter, they’re all nervous, they’re all nervous, you know? So this is it.”

A hurricane warning was issued Monday for Tampa Bay as the storm created 100 mph winds, according to the National Hurricane Center. The hurricane is expected to pass by the Florida Keys on Tuesday and approach Florida’s west coast on Wednesday.

Hurricane Ian has already cut vacations short and rescheduled business trips — making itself known before it even hits land.

“You could feel it, you could feel it, and you could tell the planes coming in, there were very few people on the planes,” Richard O’Donnell said.

Curt Braddy, of Lake Mary, Florida, was in Connecticut on business Monday. He said his family jokes that he’s always away for the hurricanes.

He’s seen firsthand the responses the storms bring.

“You start to see the rush on supplies,” Braddy said. “People at Lowe’s and Sam’s and grocery stores are running out of water. So it’s preparedness, you know because you never know what path it’s going to take.”